Kürzel Name Module Kurse
ad Anne Dreller
all alle Dozent*innen im Studiengang Community & Reflection 1
Community & Reflection 2
Community & Reflection 3
Community & Reflection 4
Community & Reflection 5
Optionales Praxissemester
Bachelor Kolloquium
Community & Reflection 6
cf Prof. Dr. Christian Faubel Project Explore 2
Developing Things 1
Project Make 1
Project Make 2
Project Launch
Coding Essentials 1
Rapid Prototyping
Advanced Clients
Applied AI
cn Prof. Christian Noss Generative Gestaltung
gh Prof. Dr. Carl Georg Hartung Global Citizenship
hm Holger Müller
ip Prof. Dr. Ivonne Preusser Design Thinking
ls Prof. Dr. Lasse Scherffig Project Explore 1
Designing Futures 2
Interaction Design
Users and Situated Action
mb Prof. Dr. Matthias Böhmer Developing Things 2 Internet of Things
Connected Products
me Prof. Dr. Monika Engelen Creating Impact 3 Trend and Market Research
Entrepreneurial Marketing
mr Marco Reitano
nj Prof. Nina Juric Designing Futures 3 Design as a Language
Open Design
nn-codingsoftware Professur für Agile Coding (N. N.) Coding Software 1
Project Explore 1
Project Make 1
Project Make 2
Project Launch
Computational Thinking
Coding Essentials 2
Agile Team Coding
Clean Code
nn-creatingimpact Professur für Creating Impact (N. N.) Project Explore 1
Creating Impact 1
Project Make 1
Project Make 2
Project Launch
Entrepreneurial Thinking
Trustable Applications
Global Citizenship
nn-designingfutures Professur für Designing Technological Futures (N. N.) Designing Futures 1
Project Explore 2
Creating Impact 2
Project Make 1
Project Make 2
Project Launch
Product Dimensions
Social Hubs
Open Ecosystems
none N.N.
rw Prof. Dr. René Wörzberger Project Explore 1 Client Server Basics
sb Prof. Dr. Stefan Bente Coding Software 2 Application Design
Microservice Architectures
se Prof. Dr. Stefan Eckstein Business Economics
Business Models and Plans
tk Thomas Kurpik
wk Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Konen Applied AI