Kürzel Name Module Kurse
ad Anne Dreller
aka Anne Karrenbrock
all alle Dozent*innen im Studiengang Community & Reflection 1
Community & Reflection 2
Community & Reflection 3
Community & Reflection 4
Community & Reflection 5
Optionales Praxissemester
Bachelor Kolloquium
Community & Reflection 6
cf Prof. Dr. Christian Faubel Project Explore 2
Developing Things 1
Project Make 1
Project Make 2
Project Launch
Coding Essentials 1
Rapid Prototyping
Advanced Clients
Applied AI
cn Prof. Christian Noss Generative Gestaltung
fs Prof. Dr. Frank Schimmel Coding Software 1
Project Explore 1
Project Make 1
Project Make 2
Project Launch
Computational Thinking
Coding Essentials 2
Agile Team Coding
Clean Code
hm Holger Müller
ip Prof. Dr. Ivonne Preusser Design Thinking
js Prof. Dr. Jonas Schild Project Explore 1
Creating Impact 1
Project Make 1
Project Make 2
Project Launch
Entrepreneurial Thinking
Immersive Applications
Global Citizenship
lp Prof. Dr. Laura Popplow Designing Futures 1
Project Explore 2
Creating Impact 2
Project Make 1
Project Make 2
Project Launch
Product Dimensions
Social Hubs
Open Ecosystems
ls Prof. Dr. Lasse Scherffig Project Explore 1
Designing Futures 2
Interaction Design
Users and Situated Action
mb Prof. Dr. Matthias Böhmer Developing Things 2 Internet of Things
Connected Products
me Prof. Dr. Monika Engelen Creating Impact 3 Trend and Market Research
Entrepreneurial Marketing
ml Prof. Dr. Markus Linden Entrepreneurial Thinking
Business Economics
nj Prof. Nina Juric Designing Futures 3 Design As A Language
Open Design
nn-creatingimpact Professur für Creating Impact (N. N.)
rw Prof. Dr. René Wörzberger Project Explore 1 Client Server Basics
sb Prof. Dr. Stefan Bente Coding Software 2 Application Design
Microservice Architectures
se Prof. Dr. Stefan Eckstein Business Models and Plans
sel Sahrah El ghammaz
tk Thomas Kurpick
wk Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Konen Applied AI